Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Tips And Tricks To Get You Started

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Different from most modern games, Diablo 2 has a grid inventory system where each Diablo 2 item takes a different amount of space depending on its size. Note that this only applies to items in your inventory and not equipped ones, as these will always only use one equipment slot, no matter the size. If you are a beginner in Diablo 2 Resurrected, we are going to show you some best tips and tricks to help you get started in the game.


To manage your inventory open it by pressing, then simply clicking on the item you want to move and then click on the place where you’d like to place it. To drop an item to the ground, click on the desired item and then click outside of your inventory. On the controller, you can auto-sort your inventory by holding r3 and you can drop items by dragging them outside of your inventory grid and by pressing x on Xbox or square on PlayStation. In diablo 2 you can sell items to merchants to acquire gold. To do this, simply drag the items you want to sell to the merchant’s inventory. Gold can be used to purchase items from merchants or to repair your equipment.


You buy a tome-of-town portal and atom of identity as soon as you can afford it from acara and the rogue’s encampment. This will allow you to store up to 20 portal scrolls and 20 identify scrolls respectively. Tom portal scrolls can be used to open a portal back to town from any given place. To open a portal simply open your inventory and right-click on the town portal scroll or the tome of town portal scroll or hold an on Xbox or x on PlayStation. This can also be assigned to a shortcut the same way you do with your skills.


Scrolls of identity allow you to see magical item properties, you won’t be able to equip magic items unless you identify them first. So having scrolls of identity is always recommended.  Additionally identified items sell for much higher prices than unidentified ones. So make sure to identify your items before selling them. Keep in mind that not too far into the game, you’ll gain access to an NPC that can identify all your Diablo 2 Resurrected items for free. From that point forward but it’s still a good idea to keep scrolls on you for identifying while up in the field.


Potions are the main way to recover your life in mana and diablo 2. Health potions will keep you alive, while mana potions will allow you to keep spamming spells. Most potions will recover your resources over a short period of time meaning that you most likely want to drink a health potion when your health is around 50, instead of waiting for it to drop to more dangerous levels. The easiest way to drink a potion is to assign it to your belt shortcuts which are located at the bottom of the screen. Belt shortcuts are assigned to keys one through four by default, but you can customize this from the game menu. To equip potions into your belt, simply open your inventory and drag and drop the potions here.


Equipping a belt will increase the amount of potions slots which allows you to endure longer fights, this will help you a lot early on. So if you don’t stumble upon a belt, make sure you visit a merchant to get one. You can find a stash in town that allows you to store both items and gold. Stashed items are shared between all your characters on your account meaning that if you find an item that is not useful for your current character you can stash it away and then access it from your other character. You can also save D2R items for your friends or that might be useful later on like gems or runes. You’ll lose some gold each time you die but keeping it in your stash will prevent this in single-player mode. For this reason, it’s best to transfer your gold to the stash. Each time you visit town stash gold can be used on merchants, so you don’t need to retrieve it each time you want to buy something.


Most locations are big in diablo 2 and for this reason, it’s easy to become lost or to define where you need to go next. There are roads during most parts of act 1 however and you can follow these roads. If you are lost as they will usually lead you to your next objective. In multiplayer, the map will be randomized each time you join a new game. Most locations have a special teleporter called waypoint that you can unlock by simply interacting waypoint unlocks are permanent which makes them kind of a checkpoint between different locations of an act.


Allowing you to resume the story from where you left it. Make sure you get these as they make your life a lot easier if you exit out during a run. Running around the map consumes stamina which is shown as a yellow bar at the bottom of the screen. Once you run out of stamina your character will be forced to walk until you’re recovered which can be very frustrating especially during early gameplay when your stamina pool is very low.



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