Solve I Have 6 Eggs, I Broke,cooked And Ate 2 Riddle?

I have 6 eggs I Broke, cooked and Ate 2 Riddle have 6 eggs I Broke, Cooked And Ate 2 Riddle was recently popular on social media, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram in the COVID-19 Pandemic. You can check out the 6 eggs, I Broke and Cooked and ate 2 Riddle. There is also an reasons behind this I Have 6 Eggs, I Broke, Cooked And I ate 2 Riddle. Learn more about the Riddle

What is the reason to solve the problem I’ve got 6 eggs I Broke, Cooked and ate 2 Riddles?

The COVID-19 epidemic has caused the entire world to stop and fight the harmful organism. Many people are staying inside and in quarantines where they indulge exclusively in indoor activities. Many are caught up on reading, watching movies or sharing recipes with family and friends, as well as their regular workout routines and skincare. Many are using social media to stay in contact with their families and friends which keeps them entertained. Nowadays people are solving puzzles and sharing interesting quizzes their friends, their family members via WhatsApp groups. One quiz that has been making all over social media platforms is the Had 6 Eggs. I Broke, Cooked and ate 2 Riddle.

What’s the I’ve got 6 eggs I Broke, Cooked and Ate 2 Riddles?

“I have 6 eggs, I ate 2 eggs, cooked and broke them. Do I need to count how many eggs? 

What is the solution for 6 Eggs I Broke, Cooked and ate 2 Riddles?

The answer to the puzzle is 6.


It is six due to the use of present and past verbs in this riddle. The clue states the fact that there are have six eggs, which uses a present clause. Then, it goes on declare that you broke the eggs, cooked them, and consumed an assortment of eggs. This is a past clause. “broke,” cooked and ate” all are past tense, implying that these eggs are different from the other six eggs you own. You have, in essence, six eggs. You may have done something with other eggs before. Now you have six eggs left.

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I have 6 eggs I Broke, Cooked and Ate 2 Riddles Questions

1. It is yours to keep It is yours, but others use it more often than you do. What exactly is it?

Answer “Your namesake”. In the context of the riddle your name is a part of you, however other people are using your name (to contact or to address) more frequently than you do. Therefore, it is one’s name that is utilized more by other people than oneself.

2. I’m as light like a feather. Yet, the strongest person isn’t able to keep me in place for more than five minutes. What do I have?

The correct answer is breath. Breath is as like a feather, however, holding it for an extended duration is a very challenging task. So breath won’t keep me in a five-minute trance even for the most powerful people.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Mustard have six daughters and each daughter is blessed with a brother. How many people belong to the Mustard family?

There are nine people living within the household. Because every sister has a brother. The children make up seven in total including mother and father to make a total of nine members of the family.

4. I’m not alive however I am growing; I don’t have lungs however, I require air. I do not have a mouth, however, water can kill me. What do I have?

“I am fire. It can grow but isn’t a lung capacity. Air is necessary to create fire, even however it doesn’t have an airway. But it can be turned off or snuffed out by water.

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