6 Amazing Android Apps That Assist in WFH Activities

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6 Amazing Android Apps That Assist in WFH Activities

Earning a living does not require people to go to offices only anymore. The advent of the internet has given birth to a whole new dynamic where almost all work duties may easily be performed from within people’s homes.

We already saw after the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic that numerous organizations, who were lucky to survive through the chaos, shifted to a work-from-home dynamic so the employee could perform their official work safely.

And WFH (Work from home) has proven to be a successful method for a lot of people. Most people often only need an internet service to do the work. And, that too, may easily be arranged thanks to amazing AT&T internet deals available in the country.

However, there are a few other tools that can help make the WFH dynamic more productive. We have compiled a list of some of the most reliable Android apps that can facilitate your work activities at home efficiently. Here they are:


Asana is a project management platform that organizations use to collaborate with their teams during work. The platform provides a remarkable interface that allows employers and employees to share important work files with each other instantaneously.

Asana’s Android makes things even easier. Even though it already offers convenience to its users, the mobile version makes things even simpler by providing an easy-to-understand mobile version with complete functionality as that of the web version.

7 Minute Workout

Staying at home rids you of the need to step out of the home every day. As a result, if one is not careful, laziness and tardiness may start to become the new normal. That is why 7 Minute Workout is a must-have app for all remote workers.

The app ensures that you do not get stuck to your chair all day. Rather, you engage in small 7-minute workout sessions designed in the app. The app offers several workout that address different fitness areas. Here, you will also find special workout routines for women. Moreover, the app is also compatible with Google Fit thus ensuring maximum mobility.

LastPass Password Manager

Probably the most irritating thing to face when you start working from home is being unable to login to your work account simply because you do not remember the login credentials. At work, you do not need to login again and again since you might rarely be taking a break. At home, however, there are a ton of distractions, thus, requiring you to enter your password multiple times.

LastPass Password Manager is designed especially to tackle such problems. This remarkable app lets you store all your important credentials inside a virtual vault, completely ridding you of the need to remember all of them. Instead, you just need to remember a single LastPass Master password to access all of them.


ProofHub is yet another project management and collaboration app that can help you while you work from home. The app offers a user-friendly interface and offers all the features that you might want from such a platform.

The app enables you to create efficient to-do lists, communicate with your peers, store files, and receive important reminders for the day. And since the platform may be accessed via other platforms as well, you can be sure to enjoy complete synchronization of your account data across all devices.

Adobe Scan

When you are in the office, it is quite easy to share hardcopies of documents with your peers. You do not need internet connectivity for most of it. However, what can you do when you have a document in hardcopy form only and you need to share it? You download Adobe Scan that is what you do.

Adobe Scan is an innovative app that lets you scan your documents using the phone camera and ultimately convert them into professional pdf documents. From there, you may easily share them with your colleagues using supported platforms.

Business Calendar 2 Planner

Finally, you need to stay updated on your schedule for the day ahead, or the month, for that matter. Thus, the Business Calendar 2 Planner is the perfect app to help you out. A slight upgrade to a conventional calendar app, this planner enables you to incorporate all your commitments, appointments, and even chores in the interface. After doing so, you shall be promptly reminded about any upcoming commitments, so that you do not miss out on anything.

All Things Considered

We hope these tools help you manage your time better,set reasonable boundaries, and be more productive.


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