Best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team FUT Champions Explained in 2022

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team FUT Champions Explained!

The biggest change in FIFA 22 this year is to change the divisional opponents and foot championships. At present, it seems that some players are confused about its layout. Competitors and foot championships can be said to be the most important game modes in the game. These are playing The preferred game mode for gaming. Because this is where a large portion of players get most of the gold FUT 22 Coins and gift packs, when EA makes major changes to these game modes that confuse many players, EA said that the new changes allow players to decide them Want to play time, but after in-depth research, many players are asking how to do it, because it seems to require you to do more work than you have to do in FIFA 21.

Division rivals

So start to understand some of the changes made to FIFA 22 by divisional competitors, because competitors are an important part of entering the weekend league, and I will spend some time discussing the return of these divisions in the way they use instead of five from the beginning. A ranked game, which determines the most suitable division for you. Everyone will start with the 10th division. The goal is now to make progress through each division and return to the route you have to pass through each division, but this is not the case. You The way through the department is the same as many years ago. It is not based on the points system to win three points, tie one point, and lose zero points. The game is still based on the first game.


If you win a game, you will Go up one place, if you lose a game, you will drop one place, the only way you don’t move down is if you manage to reach one of these checkpoints within a department, and these checkpoints are placed at every Between levels, each department will be broken down into the levels that you achieve by winning the game. When you enter a higher level, the ranking will be more scattered, because if you successfully pass all the levels of each level, you will Need to win more games to truly achieve them, you will eventually be promoted to where you want to go and complete the whole process again like you’ll enter the next department, which has its own set of levels, and you must reach these levels In order to determine your weekly reward, so the higher your department and ranking in the area, the greater the final reward, the better. This will be more FIFA coins and more packages.


If you are a good player, you will have a big win in the lower divisions, but at the beginning you will only get a small amount of rewards, and before that, you may win all five ranked matches and start When you get huge bonuses, everything has changed. You should be able to reach your department quickly by increasing your winning streak. If you want to win one draw, one win, one loss, etc., this will make you more Get bigger and better rewards quickly, and so on. This is the redesigned divisional competitor of FIFA 22. In contrast, it should give you greater rewards.


Weekend league

How to participate in the weekend league? The qualifications are still to some extent the same as your competitors through the division, and in addition to all the rewards just mentioned, you will also get qualification points. Whether you win or lose, obviously by winning you will get more than you lose. It’s worth reminding you that the higher the division you participate in, the more points you will earn.

Regarding the recent wins, losses and draws caused by the release of the FIFA 22 beta, there have been a lot of leaks telling you about the divisions It should be emphasized that although this is in the current version, the EA is also easy to change, so the required points and the points required for you in the division that are part of the FIFA 22 beta The points provided by victory may not be the points you get after winning once FIFA 22 is officially released, but the good news is that the process is still exactly the same as in FIFA 21.


It will still complete the points system in a very similar way, but the higher your department, the more points you can get at the end of every game you play now. This is where things start to change a lot, initially you will Establish these two 000 qualification points, and then you will redeem them to enter the weekend league FIFA 22. You redeem them to enter the so-called playoff championship.

The playoffs are the first stop of the entire foot championship game. It lasts about six times for the first season. During the week, you will earn points through a limited number of matches within your own time, thereby gaining championship rankings and rewards. If you earn enough points, you will be rewarded at the end of the championship playoffs. You can enter the championship final. This is where the chaos begins.


And before the players are happy to accumulate enough points and enter the weekend league, now you have to do one more step, this is where the players are asking how it is easier for the players to get and how long it takes to play this game. Need to see the championship playoffs as the beginning of the foot champion. The layout of the championship playoffs is very similar to the division opponents. Its layout is in the ranking system, except that there is no deduction after losing the game, so there is no need to be like our division opponents.

Set checkpoints, no points will be given for every game you play. Whether you win or lose, each wing will get more points compared to the loss in the image under your feet. 22 Deep dive It shows a victory of 5 points and 1 point again Many, this can be changed before FIFA release FIFA22.


Finals qualification token

The overall goal is to obtain Finals Qualification Tokens through rankings. This is the reason why you entered the weekend league, but there are many things to look forward to. Each ranking has its own many rewards, some of which will reward you with Finals Qualification Tokens. But others will once again provide you with coin rewards and different types of gift packs. The higher you push to publish the ranking, the bigger and better rewards you will get. These games can be played at any time throughout the season. This is what EA is making. Therefore, for those players who cannot accumulate enough qualification points to enter the weekend league, unfortunately they work on weekends, or they just don’t have enough time to participate in the game for other reasons. The activities in their lives are good.


Foot champions

Now that you have the beginner steps for the playoffs, players can participate in the game at any time, even if they are not as rewarding as the weekend league, it still provides additional ways that you can bring more fifa coins and so on to enter you At the same time playing at the competitive level, assuming you did not succeed in obtaining the final qualification token, you can still enter the playoffs, you will be able to get some rankings.

These rankings will give you a considerable amount of rewards in addition to you for your division In addition to the rewards obtained by the opponent, if you do not get the qualification token from your attempt, you will have to go all the way back to the opponent in the division to accumulate your qualification points again, and then re-if your attempt is successful and you can get the qualification order Card, you will enter the championship player. Another attempt is the same duration used in FIFA 21 Weekend League.

This is where it returns to the system we are all familiar with. This will be very similar to the system in FIFA 21, starting from this point There is not much change. You will experience this. There are different rankings to achieve. How do you get these rankings is to win more games by winning games.


The higher the ranking you win, the more rewards and the bigger you will eventually get. More gift packs, in some cases more coins will bring you the most chaotic changes. The biggest change is the championship playoffs, so many players regard this new game mode as an extra step to enter The foot championship, but in fact the playoffs are the foot championship.

This is the first stage. Through it, you will get better and greater rewards than competitors entering the division. This is just for players who can’t It’s easier to get to play on weekends, which in previous years meant that these players completely lost bigger and better rewards, even if they played a lot through FIFA in a week, so now with the implementation of ch ampions playoff players are now Can play this game mode at any time, they can get considerable rewards, of course, they will still miss the weekend league, and the weekend league does provide more and bigger rewards.


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