How to Register your warranty :

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Register your warranty :

  • Registration is available in both British and French
  • You will need a PIN to begin the registration method
  • Your device information must be presented
  • A support email address is available for help

Defending your Smartphone or tablet monitor is a good idea.  But just how do you going about defending the product that protects your device??  The clear answer is simple.  Register the warranty!  For instance, when you register the Key fluid glass monitor guardian you get the full 12 months worth of warranty protection.

To be able to do this, jump on the web and go to the device registration page.  Next, only enter the PIN revealed on the registration instructions.  Once you’ve joined the PIN you may proceed and enter a name for the product to precede with registration.

More on the Protects Your Device Key Warranty Registration

  • The procedure gives directions on how to mount the correct request
  • If you don’t register the warranty within 30 times it is going to be VOID (avoid this outcome)
  • The applying gives directions on how to register and check the device
  • Your 1 year warranty start appointments begins from the day you purchased the Key
  • The value of the warranty must certainly be revealed on the product loading
  • Upon successfully registration you can get a affirmation mail
  • Appears to be just as user friendly as the Plan The Rural method

To be able to wrap up the Key warranty registration method, you’ll need to provide the make, design, and IMEI which means that your device can be associated with your warranty.  Once you’ve complete this task you must be ready to move!

By the way, if you have questions in regards to the registration method you may send a contact to for assistance.  Moreover, you may mail if you need certainly to record a claim.

You can Register your warranty  –

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