5 Stock Investing Mistakes Everybody should be aware about

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At a time, when every next person vying to make more money through stock investment, it is very much necessary to stay cautious. No matter whether the market is sailing upwards or downwards, every step towards stock investment should be taken carefully. In most cases, people get excited either by a lucrative advertisement or speculation and divert all their investments towards a single stock. What happens then? The stock takes a nosedive and the entire money goes in the air. In this article we will talk about top 5 stock investing mistakes everybody should know about.

Alike this, there can be numerous other mistakes that new traders and investors are found to do. Among them, the most commonly done mistake is to get enticed towards best returning stocks and end up their money after some time.

No matter whether you are investing a huge sum of money or making trivial investments, it is absolutely necessary to gain proper knowledge about the domain before proceeding further. Avoiding mistakes is one of the learnings that beginners need to understand. There are lots of mistakes that are commonly done by novice traders and investors. By avoiding such mistakes, they can say yes to profitable and sustainable returns from their stock investment. Even if you choose the best broker for trading in India,

The secret to success in share market investment lies thorough knowledge of the market before investing. There are some common mistakes investors do as beginners and end up facing losses rather than profits.So, let’s get to know top 5 stock investing mistakes that every trader and investor should be aware of.

  1. Investing from a trader’s perspective

If you think earning money is an easy job, it is not so, particularly in the stock investment category. Before you choose to invest in stocks, do keep in mind that you can’t become a billionaire over nightly. This is the point where understanding the difference between a trader and an investor becomes necessary. While a trader chooses to ‘buy and sell’, an investor’s aim remains on a ‘buy and invest’ approach.

In other terms, an investor is known to retail a long-term investment approach due to his understanding that big things take time. Your expectations to make quick gains may not be the right path to actually make it.

The stock markets are known to be full of ups and downs which is quite its inherent nature. Your money is supposed to stay invested for an extended period of time. Initial recoveries are one of the most essential investment mistakes to avoid.

Till a company increases its share price won’t grow and you need to enable the company and its stock the time to increase its worth.  If your portfolio slumps, you should not sell and exit hurriedly without giving your investments enough time to grow and lose on the chance to gain wealth.

  1. Don’t let emotions drive your investment decision

It is necessary to keep in mind that stock movements follow a cyclical path and they have their path of ups and downs. So always think about your investment but not overthink or never let your emotion drive your mindfulful decision.

This is another most commonly done mistake by traders and investors. If a company has been showing signs of delayed or no recovery, there is no point in investing in that stock despite having an emotional connection with the business. Always stay practical with respect to the investment no matter what your heart says.

Be wary of danger signs if a stock is under performing in every session. For example, check if the non-performing assets are surging, or if there is any abrupt or sudden discharge of the senior leadership, etc.

If you find yourself unable to do such things, consult one of the top 10 stock brokers in India and follow his advice to make sustainable gains.

  1. Following returns

Following returns while choosing a stock is one of the most common mistakes traders and investors make. Always remember that stock movements are recurring. They remain on their own voyage which is full of ups and downs.

If you invest in a stock or equity fund just because it is paying off superbly at a specific time period, it is not always sure that you are making the right investment. It might be a fleeting bull run. You need to do a careful analysis study of the company, its growth purposes, working philosophy, management and other such aspects.

In most cases, a company that underperforms in one or more of these facets may also be witnessing extreme stock valuations. Chasing returns can be compared with direction less investing.

  1. Copying a successfully trader’s strategy

Do you know a trader or investor who has made a great sum of money in the least possible time? If yes, you may want to follow his style of investing to get likewise returns. This is not at all a good strategy but a mistake that must be avoided at all costs. You may choose to buy the same shares he bought with the hope to get awesome returns. It is not like that.

Every stock has a specific entry point when an investor should invest in the same. When the stocks are registered in the portfolio, you may not understand when they were purchased or at what price and it may or may not make true sense for you to buy them at a specific moment.

  1. Recommended buying

If you are one of those who always love to follow what your friends and family members suggest, you are in the wrong direction. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay heed to the recommendations made by the top 10 stock brokers in India. This is because they are experts in stock investments and do thorough research before giving any suggestion or recommendation.

Though your friend might be making money through the investment, you may not be on the same growth path as your risk profile and investment goals are immensely different.

So, before you follow someone’s advice, do your homework by determining your position and then taking the decision accordingly. Most important thing except these mistakes is you should always choose the best demat account in India before making any investment because demat account provider is also a effective factor.


In order to make sustainable profits, it is necessary for the new traders and investors to stay close to their investment objectives while determining their risk profile. Do not follow others’ footsteps and take on your own journey to stock investments. I am sure that if you will ignore these common mistakes and make a smarter move about your investment decision you will get the desired profit.


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