Registered Account With Veracity Markets | Different Accounts & Their Processes

Registered Account With Veracity Markets | Different Accounts & Their Processes

Veracity markets present the best online trading options to promote victorious online trading with trusted South African brokers for individuals who want to trade forex. With multiple trading tools and contract for difference (CFD) gadgets on more than 150 stocks of cryptocurrencies and various products for consumers.

Register Account With Veracity Markets 

FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) is the principal supervisor of the users up and running of Veracity Markets. High-caliber information is provided at different sectors of this broker. Veracity Markets proposes client service and first-rate assistance with 3 different categories of accounts available for registration for online trading.

Standard Account 

Register your standard account with Veracity Markets as they provide ambitious foreign exchange without any fee for quality services. This standard account comes with MetaTrader4 (MT4) as the dominant trading platform that assists Expert Advisors.

With unlimited open positions, financial leverage up till 1:500, the benefit of spreads floating from 1.6 pips, the total volume of all orders from 0.01-250 size lot, and swap-free is available. The standard account at veracity markets can only be registered with a recommended deposit of $250.

Fixed Account 

You can open your fixed account for online trading at Veracity Markets with only a minimum amount of $250. Veracity Markets takes no commission for services on this account with spreads floating from 2 pips, 1:500 leverage, and many other facilities will be provided with the MT4 trading platform. They offer 0.01-250 order volume.

Moreover, the expert advisors are supported with immense open positions in investing in a fixed account for trading to fulfill your professional trading needs. They provide access to manage your portfolio. Moreover, pro traders’ termination and instant access to multiple trading platforms will be provided with pure real-time market execution.

With Veracity Markets fixed account, you can deal with efficient and experienced clients in low-priced trading circumstances.

ECN Account 

Featuring spread floating from 0 pips, Veracity Markets offers an ECN account for clients to attain leverage up to 1:500 with supported expert advisors and MT4 as a trading platform for android and IOS devices. Only $7 per lot commission will be cut for forex, gold, and silver trading.

The minimum required deposit to register your ECN account will be $250. Veracity Market does not provide swap-free statements with 0.01-250 (lot) order volume and real-time market execution available in this distinctive type of account.

What Is The Process For Registration? 

By simply registering, verifying, and funding, you will be able to start trading. The main homepage of Veracity markets provides quality assistance for you to make sure register account with veracity markets correctly

With all your necessary documents attested with the provided form on the web page, Veracity markets provide a maximum time frame of 2 working days before sending you a verification code for your approved trading accounts. If you are worried about putting your money at risk, try out a demo account first. By logging into customer space, you can open multiple trading accounts with veracity markets.

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