How to Sell 50% Off Inventory During Real Estate Project Launch

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Real estate development involves a range of activities, such as leasing newly developed properties and selling them to potential buyers. Developers coordinate these activities and transform concepts into tangible real estate assets. Effective advertising campaigns and targeted outreach to the right audience during the launch phase can sell up to 50% of the project inventory.

Coming to help convert strangers into paying customers and boost business growth, BeyondWalls emerges as an unrivaled real estate marketing agency reshaping the real estate landscape. With a suite of cutting-edge solutions, BeyondWalls empowers businesses to unlock new levels of growth and surpass sales targets.

  • Simplifying Property Selling

Every real estate project launch presents an opportunity to convert leads into sales. This is where Beyond Walls, as a reliable real estate mandates partner, employs a technology-driven approach and a team of industry experts comes to support the developers. Its clients benefit from a comprehensive support system, exclusive leads, real estate marketing assistance, and advanced technology tools to surpass their sales targets effortlessly.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

BeyondWalls introduces a range of comprehensive marketing solutions that are transforming the real estate industry. With innovative real estate technology such as virtual tours, buyers can explore properties remotely and gain a realistic understanding of the property’s layout, design, and ambiance. These cutting-edge solutions enhance buyer engagement, capture interest, and help potential buyers envision themselves in the space. All of this empowers developers to attract more potential buyers, increase their interest levels, and achieve higher conversion rates.

  • Targeted Lead Generation

Targeted lead generation is a key focus of BeyondWalls, as it leverages advanced data analytics and digital marketing strategies to identify and engage potential buyers actively searching for properties. By analyzing market trends, buyer preferences, and online behavior, BeyondWalls precisely targets its marketing campaigns to reach the right audience. The benefits of reaching the right audience include higher engagement, increased inquiries, and a greater likelihood of successful conversions, ultimately leading to greater real estate sales success for sellers.

  • Intelligent CRM and Sales Automation

Recognizing the significance of effective lead management, BeyondWalls provides an intelligent CRM system that streamlines capturing, organizing, and nurturing leads. This advanced system incorporates automated follow-ups and personalized communication, ensuring timely engagement with potential buyers.

By utilizing its intelligent CRM system, BeyondWalls simplifies the real estate sales process for real estate developers and brokers, increasing efficiency and improving conversion rates.

  • Advantage: India’s End-to-End Integrated PropTech Ecosystem

BeyondWalls specializes in maximizing real estate sales, covering everything from project planning to execution. Its market research helps determine the perfect pricing strategy, while creative communication ideas and collaterals provide clients with a competitive edge for better project sales. Furthermore, with a strategic sales approach and a network of channel partners, BeyondWalls ensures target sales and provides training and deployment support.

BeyondWalls helps promote its unique value proposition through innovative ideas, actionable plans, and seamless digital campaigns that generate high consumer attention and establish strong brand connections. Their expertise extends to optimizing the sales experience, including suggestions for sales office layout, customer flow, on-site branding, and F&B recommendations. They assist in contacting and following up with potential customers, streamlining information delivery, and understanding their requirements through custom-built technology systems.

With their robust mandate services, BeyondWalls takes responsibility for selling clients’ properties, allowing them to focus on project management and business growth. Clients can trust BeyondWalls to handle the sales process efficiently, maximizing their real estate sales and ensuring a successful launch and continuous sales momentum.

  • Inventory Management

BeyondWalls revolutionizes inventory management for real estate agencies by offering a comprehensive suite of features and tools. With their platform, developers and agents can efficiently track, monitor, and update inventory in real-time, ensuring accurate availability information for prospective buyers. Streamlining inventory management improves sales outcomes by reducing errors, maximizing marketing efforts, and enabling prompt responses to inquiries.

By leveraging BeyondWall’s advanced tools, businesses can effectively manage their inventory, optimize sales strategies, and achieve remarkable sales success.


BeyondWalls emerges as a game-changing sales and marketing platform that simplifies property selling and drives remarkable sales success. Through their comprehensive market research, innovative communication strategies, and targeted advertising campaigns, BeyondWalls empowers businesses to surpass their sales targets during critical launch periods.

With advanced data analytics, robust CRM systems, and cutting-edge marketing tools like virtual tours, they facilitate effective lead generation, engagement, and conversion. Moreover, the end-to-end PropTech ecosystem offers seamless inventory management, enabling real-time tracking and updates to attract prospective buyers.

By leveraging BeyondWalls’ expertise and comprehensive suite of tools, businesses can elevate their sales, create compelling real estate experiences, and achieve unparalleled success in the industry.

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