Network Management Software: Top 18 Vendors

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Network Management Software: Top 18 Vendors

Network monitoring tool vendors or solutions can be quite challenging to select, as it requires extensive research into product features, flexibility, customer service, and industry-specific features. You should be familiar with the following list of network management software vendors so that you can stay up to date with network monitoring.

A list of the top eighteen vendors of management software for networks

  1. Accedian

Accion Skylight is a unified enterprise network, cloud, and application performance management platform. By tracking network flow and application transactions, consumers can generate real-time data about the performance of their applications. Regardless of whether the traffic is originating from a physical or virtual environment (such as the cloud), Skylight can analyze the traffic in real-time. Skylight is available as a virtual appliance and a hardware appliance.

  1. AppNeta

AppNeta Performance Manager enables IT, network teams, to monitor end-user experience across networks, clouds, and applications. A four-dimensional process is used to analyze network usage and application performance using this monitoring tool. With AppNeta, users can get a variety of analytical insights through the use of its graphics and reporting tools. Furthermore, the vendor provides monitoring solutions for VoIP systems, UCaaS systems, and DNS services, as well as cloud deployments.

  1. Auvik

The Auvik monitoring and management software makes monitoring easier through the cloud – and without all the hassle. Automating and simplifying network management processes while increasing efficiency and capacity, as well as reducing risks associated with networks. With Auvik TrafficInsights, you can identify who is connected to the network, what they are doing, as well as the direction of their traffic.

  1. Broadcom

The DX NetOps network monitoring and analytics software by CA Technologies, a Broadcom company, combines traditional systems monitoring with full-stack analysis. The solution gathers intelligence on inventory, topology, metrics, faults, flows, and packet analysis for traditional, software-defined, and cloud-based networks. Through the use of DX NetOps, Broadcom’s AIOps platform is extended to automatically resolve network problems.

  1. LogRhythm

LogRhythm NetworkXDR detects real-time network-borne threats with SOAR. It enables users to conduct network forensics without having to possess complex forensics expertise. Multi-pronged machine analytics approaches work in conjunction with LogRhythm NetworkXDR’s purpose-built, versatile sensors to uncover emerging threats. Consequently, the system provides full protection against known and unknown security threats, no tuning of the software is needed or lengthy training periods are needed for supervised machine learning.

  1. ManageEngine

OpManager Plus is an integrated monitoring tool that provides full visibility into networks, applications, and infrastructure. The OpManager interface is made up of a Java program and a Tomcat installation locally. The OpManager stores collected information and provide a communication channel between it and plug-ins via a local database. OpManager Applications Manager supports commercial applications (including databases from IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle) as well as open-source products.


NETSCOUT nGeniusONE provides full visibility across applications, infrastructure, and interdependencies. Monitoring and analysis of network traffic data are made possible with the tool’s adaptive service intelligence feature. As a network and application performance management company that focuses on enterprise organizations, NETSCOUT enables enterprises to identify network capacity problems and define network shortfalls.

  1. Opmantek

Opmantek NMIS Professional is an intelligent monitoring and management tool for networks. Opmantek’s open-sourced network management software suite includes this enterprise edition. Furthermore, Opmantek offers add-on modules, managed service provider packages, and customized support and assistance packages in addition to its core product. Among its features is NMIS Professional, which features the vendor’s Network Management Information System, which monitors your networks, along with charting (opCharts) and reporting tools (opReports).

  1. Paessler

Using PRTG Network Monitor by Paessler, administrators can keep track of IT infrastructure issues. Other services such as cloud, database, and bandwidth monitoring are also supported, but the product is primarily focused on fault and flow analysis and packet sniffing. The company releases a constant stream of vendor-independent network monitoring sensors as well. A powerful dashboard in Paessler gives network administrators full visibility into their entire IT infrastructure and enables unified monitoring.

  1. Pico

Pico’s Corvil Analytics is a network monitoring and analysis suite designed for financial institutions. Pico provides three main services: analytics, Corvil Center (for collecting and timestamping data), and Corvil Intelligence Hub (for applying machine learning and intelligent anomaly detection). Provider offers over 500 different plug-ins for analytics that are bundled into solution packs; each plug-in helps financial companies decipher information from specific networks protocols and applications.

  1. Plixer Scrutinizer

In Plixer Scrutinizer, network flow data and metadata are collected from every network conversation. As well as network forensics and security, Scrutinizer provides network forensics. As well as alerting network teams about traffic patterns and integrating DNS, the product also provides full visibility into network information that is usually hidden. Scrutinizer allows administrators to peer deep into their network to determine where threats are coming from and how the network is being used.

  1. Progress

Progress WhatsUp Gold is an all-in-one monitoring solution that covers infrastructure monitoring, application performance management, and network monitoring. In addition to monitoring network uptime and downtime constantly, WhatsUp predicts connectivity issues before they occur. Using WhatsUp, users can ensure that product installation and deployment will occur as quickly and easily as possible without any misconfigurations. Progress offers both a web-based user interface and a traditional Windows application for managing various aspects.

  1. Riverbed

Riverbed SteelCentral is a network monitoring and application performance monitoring tool that provides network visibility, analytics, troubleshooting, and user monitoring. Based on the size of the company, the solution is divided into two platforms. A network failure can be handled by Riverbed in four different ways depending on what level of support the customer requires. In addition to its network performance management solution, Riverbed’s complete suite of related products is available from the solution.

  1. SevOne

SevOne Data Platform is a network monitoring and analytics solution that provides a set of comprehensive performance metrics. The best use of SevOne is for monitoring infrastructure, flows, or logs. Live network maps, infrastructure orchestration, WAN SD-WAN, hybrid clouds, and carrier network virtualization are also supported by the tool. SevOne’s Data Insight data visualization and reporting capabilities let you customize a network’s performance, while its flexible workflows allow for adaptability in delivery.

  1. Statseeker

With Statseeker, you can monitor every physical, virtual, and logical interface in your organization. As well as scaling horizontally and vertically, the product features quick and simple deployment. Statisticseeker offers three different licensing options based on user personas, budget, and functionality requirements. Statseeker scales from 10,000 to 1,000,000 interfaces on a single server with minimal resources required. As of January 2019, Techniche acquired Statseeker, a business based in Carlsbad, California.

  1. ThousandEyes

ThousandEyes Network Intelligence is a cloud-based monitoring solution that allows IT teams to analyze network, infrastructure, and application performance. By capturing topology information and using it to depict network traffic paths from the source to the destination, ThousandEyes can identify problems across an organization. Using agents, the product generates synthetic traffic that can be used to probe network patterns and flows. ThousandEyes has been funded with more than $110 million since it was founded in 2010.

  1. VIAVI

ViAVI Solutions Observer platform, which includes Apex, GigaStor, and GigaFlow, gives NetOps and SecOps teams comprehensive visibility into their networks, letting them improve performance, mitigate risks, and resolve performance issues. With its GigaStor appliance, VIAVI delivers wire data capture through its vast monitoring experience. With GigaFlow, VIAVI also offers flow-based analysis for organizations to better understand the IP addresses, MAC addresses, and usernames associated with the devices on their networks.

  1. Zabbix

Zabbix is an open-source monitoring solution available as software and virtual appliances. The Zabbix system can easily be adapted to fit small business needs and enterprise needs. Taking advantage of the modern modularity of software and hardware allows for such scalability. Zabbix is optimized for monitoring operating systems and application-specific metrics with high performance. In addition to monitoring servers, networks, clouds, and applications, Zabbix offers monitoring for services as well.

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