Best 5 NBA 2K22 Shooting Tips on Next Gen in 2023

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Top 5 Shooting Tips NBA 2k22

best NBA 2k22 shooting tips: How to shoot in NBA 2K22 on PS5 and Xbox Series? Here UTPLAY breaks down five tips for shooting on NBA 2K22 next gen.

Best Shooting Tips NBA 2K22

  1. When you’re building your mod player be sure to give your mod player a decent three-point attribute, that sounds like common sense but on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One you can get away with having a 53-pointer, or a 63-pointer, having a 64-3 pointer on PlayStation 4 and shooting like Ray Allen in his prime on next-gen that doesn’t necessarily fly, if you want to shoot consistently you need at least a 75 three-point rating, this not means that if you have below 75 you’re not making any threes, but if you want to green consistently at least to 75.
  1. Choose the NBA 2K22 best badges. It also sounds like common sense but you definitely want to make sure that you have a good amount of badges on your player, the more badges the better you will shoot. Because on PS4 and Xbox One you were able to green consistently without any badges and now that flips to where you need at least a few badges, so we will have a whole bad series discussing the best badges to use on shooting tips NBA 2K22 next gen. With the new generation of consoles comes a new set of badges now you do see some badges return but they’re not as effective so on the previous gen, you would probably use Hot zone hunter and Green Machine on next-gen, you can get by without using those badges, more recommended badges includingBlinders or Deadeye, if you’re a corner player, definitely Catch &shoot and Corner specialists, but however if you’re a point guard and bringing a ball up, you might want to look into Stop and Pop Rhythm shooter or even Difficult shots, of course, it depends on your play style but they do have a badge for every shoot in play style when you’re creating your player you just have to make sure you have enough potential upgrades to put these badges to use.
  1. The third tip is to turn the shot meter off and learn the animation of your jump shot, it can feel overwhelming at first not knowing where to release it, there are a certain under the hood boost on NBA 2k that they won’t tell you about and this is one of them turning your shot meter all gives a huge boost to the green window, so if your shot meter is off you might be able to green more if you get your timing down.
  1. Tip number four is another under-the-hood boost that you probably don’t know about if you’re new to 2k, if you’ve been playing 2k for a while, if not definitely get your hot zones, how to check your hot zones really quick first off on MyCareer menu you want to go to Stats Roster, click R3 on your name and scroll over until you see your hot zones and you’re able to get these hot zones in my career and they transfer online now, if you shoot from your hot zones you get a slight boost to your green window, but if you shoot from your code zones, it’s a negative effect make sure to have hot zones around the perimeter at least, still need to work on my mid-range hot zones, so definitely get your hot zones in MyCareer they transfer over to online all you have to do is shoot a high percentage from those spots for 25 games and you’ll be able to get that boost.
  1. The last tip is really simple. A lot of people don’t like doing it but sometimes you have to put your pride to the sideman skill boost by the jump shot skill boost, it helps tremendously if you have run out of skill boost mid-session before and it was definitely noticeable, so if you have enough VC definitely buy your jump shot skill boost if you don’t have any VC and NBA 2K22 MT, you can try your luck on the daily giveaway just go to your respective affiliation statue and try your luck with the spin, but getting skill boost is kind of rare.

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