How to Play Region-Locked Games on Your Xbox

How to Play Region-Locked Games on Your Xbox

If you’ve been a gamer for a long time now, you’d already know that there are devices like the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, not to forget the legendary Xbox One that are truly region-free devices. This means that players are free to buy and play any game they like, even if released in other countries.

The trouble? Nintendo and PlayStation require regional accounts to give a user access to the game library of a specific country. That being said, Microsoft is considerably lower on the restrictions,letting users easily download new and play region-locked content right from the Microsoft store.

What’s more is that you can do this without even making a new Xbox account or even having to migrate your account and data to a new region. The only thing that you do need to do is to changethe location of your Microsoft store.

Let’s talk about this in a little more detail.

Changing your Xbox One region manually

Changing the region of your Xbox one is pretty simple. All you need to do is follow five simple steps to be able to do that. Here’s the step-by-step method:

  1. From your console, find your dashboard and open it
  2. Next, hit ‘options’ from your controller
  3. Click ‘settings’ and then go to ‘systems’
  4. Select ‘language and location’ and then select the country you want to connect through
  5. Now that you’re done, go ahead and restart your Xbox One, and you’re good to go!

That was easy, right? But not so fast. Even though, if you’ve done this right, you should now be able to see that new games and streaming services would have started to appear on your screen it doesn’t mean that you’ll immediately be able to try your hand at region-blocked games just yet.

This is because you’re still using your IP address, which has a country code attached to it, andyou’ll still be recognized as a citizen of your current country. Even though you might be able to stream new things now, to download region-blocked games and play them, you’ll need to acquire a different IP address.

But don’t worry, there’s a way for that too; use a VPN! Don’t know how? Let’s discuss this further.

Changing Microsoft store location with a VPN

VPN tools are essential cybersecurity tools that let you connect to the internet through a remote and secure server by proxy. This means that your total internet traffic will be routed through a whole different machine, placed in a different country.

This also means that while you’re connected through the VPN, your original IP address will be hidden, and you’ll be connected using a temporary one that belongs to the machine you’re connected through. The advantage of this is that not only will your online activities be entirely anonymous and private, which will ensure your security online, you will now also have the IP address, along with the country code of a whole different country.

This means that with this new IP address, you can now buy, download, and play region-blocked games from anywhere in the world! Intrigued? Here are the four simple steps you’ll need to take to do that.

  1. First and foremost, sign up for a vpn for xbox
  2. Next, go ahead and download the VPN application. It is important to note that Microsoft hasn’t yet added a VPN client to the Xbox, so you’ll have to install and run the application on your router or PC. If you’re installing it on your PC, activate ‘network sharing’ to use the VPN connection on your Xbox.
  3. When you’ve downloaded, installed, and configured your application, you can connect to the VPN tool by selecting a country of your choice. This step will start routing your internet traffic through the new server, hide your original IP address, and let you temporarily borrow your server’s IP address.
  4. Finally, if you’ve done everything right, you should be able to download and play region-blocked games from anywhere in the world.

Buying, downloading, and playing region-blocked games

At this point, if you’ve the VPN up correctly, you’ll be able to buy, download and play games from different countries. However, there is one catch; you’ll need to have a valid payment option to proceed with the purchase procedure.

Even though some credit cards and banks support international transactions, you’ll likely be charged a conversion fee. An alternative method is to buy Microsoft store gift card for your required currency and use that to check out to make it easier for you. If you don’t know where to get these from, try Play Asia.

Once you’ve downloaded the games, you can go ahead and play using your primary account just like you usually do. If you have an active Xbox Live subscription or even a Game Pass subscription, you can also access online modes and pay US dollars.

Now, having said this, it is also essential to know that, even though this works most of the time, certain games and applications can also lock you out. If this happens to use, try connecting through a VPN that is installed on your home router; this might help you appear as though you are legitimately from another country.

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