Who is Dream IRL? Why his youtube channel so popular?

Minecraft is the most popular game played in the world. It’s also among the most watched YouTube channels, with 33 million users in addition to 6.2 million video views. It was just a matter of time until people could earn a living out of what they love playing Minecraft. This person is TBNRfrags which is more popularly called “Dream irl.”

He was born in the year 2000. he began playing Minecraft in the year 2011 and began uploading videos in 2013. With more than two millions YouTube users and over 1 billion views on videos He has grown to become the most viewed Minecraft YouTuber of all time!

Here are some interesting facts concerning him you may not have known about him.

Who is Dream IRL? Why his youtube channel so popular in 2022
Who is Dream IRL? Why his youtube channel so popular in 2022

Who is Dream IRL?

Dream Irl is a well-known YouTube gamer, and is among the most well-known Minecraft YouTubers to date. The channel he has on YouTube, TBNRfrags boasts more than two million followers and one billion views on videos.

Why is this channel so well-known?

Minecraft is a type of game that lets players create an entire world from blocks

Within the video game you’ll encounter enemies that you need to combat, but fortunately Dream Irl doesn’t build in the game

These videos he plays the game, and then narrates his experience. it is he doing

A few of his more well-known video clips include “The World’s Largest Minecraft Build Ever!” with more than 50 million views. Then there’s “Best Minecraft Plays EVER!” with more than 44 million views

He uploads around 1 video each day that can last anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour

The videos of the artist have been viewed in more than 180 countries and have more than 3.4 billion views

Dream Irl is now among the top viewed Minecraft YouTubers to date

What is Dream Irl do when they aren’t gaming Minecraft?

When Dream Irl isn’t playing Minecraft is usually doing many other activities. He is a fan of basketball, football and surfing. He is a fan of swimming as well as play with the dog.

What is the amount of money Dream Irl earn via YouTube?

Dreams Irl also earns income from YouTube videos. If YouTube ads are displayed within his YouTube videos he makes about 6 cents per 1,000 views. This means that for every one million views he earns the ad earns him an amount of $6,000.

Furthermore, he became a part of Faze Clan in the year 2017, which is a well-known YouTube gaming community that is focused on Minecraft. There is also a product line that a portion of his followers can buy.

Dream irl lives the dream, and some believe that he’s”the” Michael Jordan of Minecraft! With more than 2.7 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion video views, we believe that Dream Irl is bound to accomplish great things in the coming years and we’re excited to watch him achieve his goals!


Dream irl is home to more than two million subscribers on YouTube and 1 billion views on videos as well as being the largest and most well-known Minecraft YouTuber of all time. His number of subscribers is growing, with his videos receiving anywhere from 10 to 40 million viewers per.

He has dedicated the YouTube channel solely to his passion to the games. He uploads videos on a daily basis in his daily life the bulk of his videos being Minecraft. Additionally, he streams live every week four times with his pals, who build for at least 12 hours.

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