Do Single Reel Slots Payout Much?

You may be wondering why players would still turn to single-reel slot machines for entertainment, especially when these games have no special features and bonus rounds. Well, one thing that makes these slots special is their simplicity. Modern slots can be difficult to understand, and single-reeled slots are the simplest.

Do these types of slots payout as much as others? This article answers all your questions regarding these types of slots, so keep reading to learn more

Single Reel Slot Machines 

A single-reeled slot is a type of slot that uses only one reel. This is in stark contrast to other types of slots in the market, with three reels, five reels or more. You’ll find that these slots have a smaller number of paylines. And while they don’t offer many chances of winning, they can be incredibly exciting as you will be dealing with only one reel. This keeps the gameplay simple for players.

The payout potential for one-reeled slot machines

One important thing you must note about slots is that the payout percentage has nothing to do with the number of reels. Several other factors affect it, and they include:

  • RTP – the payback percentage of a slot machine greatly affects how much a slot pays out. It is usually represented in percentage (around 95% on average). You can find it on the slot’s pay table.
  • Volatility – it’s also worth knowing the volatility of a slot before playing. The volatility is how much of the risk is involved in a particular slot. Games with high volatility are riskier than those with low volatility. 

These two factors are worth noting before choosing any slot, whether it’s a single reel or multiple reel slot. 

Mechanics of Single-Reel Slots

There are fewer opportunities to win with fewer reels, paylines, and symbols, but the odds are similar to other types of slots because players are not spinning reels with hundreds of symbols. This vastly increases the winning combinations of slot symbols.

As with slot machines, it’s all about landing the most important symbols in a payline. Added wild symbols, multipliers, bonus rounds and free spins are a major payout booster in slots, but sadly these features can be missing from single-reeled slot machines all too often. 

Other Reel Slot Formats 

There are a variety of different slot reel formats. Here are some of the most popular variants. 

Five reel slots – this is the most common format in online slots. It is common in modern slots with an increased number of paylines. 

Three-reel format – this is a classic reel format with a much simpler design than the five-reel format. It is much similar to the single-reel format as it is very simple to work with. 

In conclusion, single-reeled slots have the potential to pay out a considerable amount of money. It just depends on which slot you’re playing. Always go for a slot with high RTPs to receive good payouts, and stick to your budget.

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