The coolest technology used in online casinos 

The coolest technology used in online casinos 

Online casinos are growing in popularity and are getting a larger audience by the day. This is a great way to keep entertained and to always have some fun games to test out. Having it online is also very smart, as you can play whenever and wherever you want. It also allows the casinos to use technology to better their pages and the user experience.

UX in online casinos

As we all know, UX is absolutely necessary when making any website, also a new online casino. This allows the user to have the best experience online and will make the given page stand out from the rest. As the world is getting more and more technological, and we are getting a shorter attention span, online casino sites need to step up their game and make their pages perfect. Technology also allows for the pages to be more secure to play and to run the games fairly. Here are some of the ways online casinos are using technologies to their advantage. 

Cool new games

While online casinos are undoubtedly created with the inspiration of physical casinos and classic games, they have definitely evolved. Take slot machines for example. The slot machines found in physical casinos are fairly simple, you pull the lever, or push a button, and the wheels start spinning. If they stop on just the right icons, you win! While it seems fun and easy, it can get boring after a while. This is where technology comes to play. Online you can find advanced slot machines that are more similar to video games. Here you can find machines with special themes, fun graphics, and mini-games to add an extra level to your ordinary spinning. Tiger’s claw, Golden inn, Glam Life, At the Copa, and Five Reel Fruity Fortune are examples of some good slot machines you can enjoy online. 


For the regular person, RTP and RNG might just seem like random letters clustered together, but the truth is that these letters actually play a great role in online casinos. RTP stands for Return to Player and is often found on slot machines. This indicates how much of the money played is returned to the players. It is given in a percentage and is calculated over a long time. When you are looking for a slot machine to play at, you should keep an eye out for this number, and make sure that it is as high as possible. 

RNG, on the other hand, stands for Random Number Generator. It is doing a fairly simple, but highly important task. It makes sure that numbers in the casino are generated at random so that you are not being fooled by the dealer. In a physical casino, you are present to watch the dealer shuffle the cards, in an online casino it is different, and you don’t have the same level of control. RNG is here to help you though! It makes sure you play a fair game, and that it is all up to fate, and your skills, to win. 

If you want to start playing at online casinos, or if you are already playing, it is always a good idea to know how it actually works. Being informed on what goes on behind the scenes, and how you are playing safely is important, and it helps you navigate between different casinos, to see which ones are the best to play at. It is also interesting to see how far technology has come, it is not that loge ago we could only play casino games in physical casinos!


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